To The Lodge Maribaya Lembang Bandung

To The Lodge Maribaya Lembang Bandung by Short Cut / Jalan Tikus 
Dago Dream Land

  • Fairy by The Lodge
  • The Lodge Maribaya 
  • Maribaya Nature Park
  • Taman Bunga Begonia
  • Floating Market
  • Farm House 

One Day Maribaya Lembang Bandung Tour 

  1. Meet and Great with Driver Bandung Rent Car
  2. Drive to The Lodge Maribaya Trought Jalan Tikus
  3. for a pew hours Stop at Dago Dream land
  4. Lunch at Maribaya Nature Park
  5. Maribaya Lodge
  6. Fairy by The Lodge.
  7. Taman Bunga Begonia
  8. Floating Market
  9. Farm House
  10. Dinner othe way back to Bandung

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